About us

Hey Beauty Gang Babes, My name is JoRi. I am a self taught makeup artist. Beauty Gang Cosmetics was founded in 2020 after I lost my job as a medical billing specialist of 10 years due to the coronavirus pandemic. I was devastated and depressed. I was so worried about my kids, my bills and how my little family was going to survive. Until, one day God spoke to me and said "I closed that door for a reason, open the other one I have placed before you." That is when I decided to start my own business. But, not just any business but my own cosmetic brand. My goal is to make Beauty Gang Cosmetics a one stop beauty shop for beautiful women all across the world. Here at Beauty Gang Cosmetics our goal is to bring high quality products, fast shipping and great customer service. 

PSALM 46:5 God is within her she will NOT fail. 


All items on our website is Cruelty Free/ Never tested on animals.